How to survive Christmas allergy free

1. Check every package at least twice.

2. If you’re a vegetarian, make sure the option isn’t nut roast if you have a nut allergy
3. When kissing under the mistletoe, although it seems a little excessive, ensure that the person hasn’t had anything that could cause a problem within the last two hours

4. As alcohol is a histamine – a substance that can increase the size of an allergic reaction, be especially careful if drinking
5. If eating out, even if the menu had said previously that there was nothing that could cause harm in it, check again once you receive the food. Recently, I ate out, and was unaware of the addition of almonds into the base of the tart I had ordered, and only avoided a reaction as others had taken a mouthful before me, and had tasted nuts.
6. As you are more likely to be out in the party season, always make sure that you are carrying your epipens, and that someone with you know where they are, and how to use them.
7. When handing round sweets, check the packaging, as it can change from year to year, and don’t take one of you’re not sure.

8. When at parties with nibbles, be very careful as there is usually contamination from people moving from bowl to bowl.

And overall, enjoy!!



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