5 Useful Apps for Allergy Sufferers

In this article I have listed 5 apps (in no particular order) which aim to help you live with allergies. Included are apps which let you know the ingredients of food, alert those around you in the case of an allergic reaction and provide phrases for when you are travelling abroad…giphy1

Food Maestro

This app was designed to help allergy sufferers who often have to strain looking at the ingredients of food in supermarkets.

Simply type your allergies in and discover products from various categories that are safe for you to eat. You can search for specific food items using the search bar or use the barcode scanner to quickly find out the ingredients in the products you have at hand. There is an option to create a ‘shopping list’ on the app – this may come in useful to create a go to list for certain products you know are safe to eat. This app is free and available for android and apple devices.

Spoon Guru

Spoon Guru is very similar to Food Maestro as it has a barcode reader for checking ingredients, however this app also includes lots of recipes related to your search terms. So even if you can’t find anything you can eat, there is always the option to bake something yourself! This app therefore may be a good choice for a student at university. This app is also, free and available for android and apple devices.



If you have a Jext adrenaline auto-injector this app is very useful. Firstly you can put in the expiry date of your injector and be alerted when you need a new one. Also, the app contains video demonstrations including: symptoms of anaphylaxis, how to respond to symptoms and how to use your injector. The app also, has sheets listing phrases for a range of languages, if you are ever stuck when asking about ingredients in food abroad. This app is free and available on both android and apple.

Allergy Me: Medical ID/ Translate

Developed by a teenager suffering from allergies, Allergy Me: Translate aims to make travelling abroad easier with simple phrases in French and Spanish. Staff in Restaurants and food serving shops can then reply using a response from a list on the app. Therefore this app would be very helpful to anyone travelling abroad, especially if you are not fluent in the language.

Allergy Me: Medical ID alerts those around you in the event of an allergic reaction through an alarm. Simply type in your allergy and an emergency contact number. The app allows this information to be available even when the screen is locked so that whoever is around you, you can still receive help. These apps can be bought together on the apple store.

Alert 5

Submit the numbers of up to five contacts who will be automatically alerted if you have an allergic reaction and tap a button. If the number provided is a mobile, then a text message will be sent with your exact location. Of course, if you have a severe reaction you must first use your adrenaline injector and call 999. Therefore, this app is best for providing peace of mind to your friends or family. Alert 5 is available on apple devices for £4.99 a year



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Patrick 🙂


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