Hypoallergenic Makeup

For something to be hypoallergenic, it has to be relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are safe from everything.

When buying makeup, always make sure you do a patch test (testing the product on a small unaffected area of the body, preferably on the inside of the elbow or hand). Things that are hypoallergenic are gentler on the skin, and have the added bonus of less breakouts and less clogged pores.
Anything you put on your skin is absorbed by the body, and so avoiding products with harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients is better in the long run.
Most ingredients in makeup is safe for the skin, including zinc oxide and titanium oxide (who knew chemistry could be this useful?), but when particles are micronised (made smaller) they are able to enter the cells of your body, leading to further rashes and itching. Watch out for, and try to avoid nanoparticles, and parabens, and also things such as fragrances, herbal extracts, artificial colourings and bismuth oxychloride, which can also irritate the skin.

The best things to use are things that display the words ‘for sensitive skin’ paired with ‘hypoallergenic’ for added safety.
Brand that are recommended:
1. Cleure – named for their clean and pure products that are hypoallergenic and contain only natural ingredients

2. Boots’ No7 – hypoallergenic, has a return policy that lasts forever. If you react, you can always take it back.

3. Almay – another hypoallergenic makeup brand

4. BareMinerals – lipstick

5. Lancôme – mascara

6. Clinique – moisturiser

7. Covergirl – foundation

8. Jane Iredale – blush, eye liner

Tips to avoid reactions
1. Apply makeup with a brush or sponge and wash after each use with a hypoallergenic shampoo

2. Keep brushes in a dry area to avoid bacteria and other allergens

3. If you have a problem, try changing your moisturiser or cleanser, as the allergens may not be in the makeup itself



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