How to keep safe this Valentine’s Day


I: Keep your adrenaline injectors with you at all times

Whatever you choose to do this Valentine’s Day make sure you have your adrenaline injectors with you. There are many ways that you can carry your EpiPens discreetly.


II: Eating out? Enquire in advance

If you are going to eat out at a restaurant, enquire about whether there is food that you can safely eat. If they are unable to cater for you,  you’ll have greater opportunity to book elsewhere. Even if you have eaten in a particular restaurant or food chain before, it is important to double check in case recipes have changed.


III: Chocolate – Check the labels


Always check the ingredients! If it says ‘may contain’ don’t risk it, there are plenty of alternative brands you can choose from, some brands such as Kinnerton take extra care in avoiding cross-contamination.


IV: Alcohol – Know the ingredients and effects

If you do drink alcohol, take care not to drink excessive amounts as you are more likely to act in a less sensible way, taking less care with your allergy. Also, alcohol can actually increase the severity of an allergic reaction. Remember to check the ingredients as some wines contain milk and eggs, whilst some gins and liquors contain nuts.


V: Think before kissing or sharing drinks

If your date has eaten something that you are allergic to and you share their saliva there is a 1 in 10 chance that you could have a reaction.

And make sure to have a happy Valentine’s Day!


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Patrick 🙂


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