Nut Free Easter Chocolate 2017

Despite there being endless types of chocolate eggs for sale, it can seem difficult finding any which are free from nuts. Large hollow eggs appear to be almost no go zones as they either contain nuts or have a standard ‘may contain’ label. However, Kinnerton produce a variety of eggs which are made in factories free from cross-contamination and are therefore a safe option. Kinnerton also, produce some Magnum Easter eggs.

Malteasers sell bunnies, mini bunnies and a camper van bumper pack which are all nut free. Unfortunately, it appears that all other Malteasers eggs contain or may contain nuts.

Galaxy Golden eggs are also, free from nuts. Be careful though, as the caramel variety do contain nuts.

This year the only Easter offerings from Cadbury’s that are suitable for nut allergy sufferers are mini packs of and normal size creme eggs.

If you have come across any eggs or treats that you would like to recommend contact us on our Twitter page. Do remember to check the labels of any Easter treats before you eat them!

To receive updates on the blog follow us on twitter or bookmark/favourite this site in your browser. For  more useful tips and information on allergens, head to the Anaphylaxis Campaign website.

Patrick 🙂



3 thoughts on “Nut Free Easter Chocolate 2017

  1. Shirley Argyle says:

    Every Easter (and every Christmas) is the same, hardly any chocolate treats to choose from! Every Easter egg and every Selection box you pick up in the Supermarket either says ‘contains nuts’ or ‘may contain nuts’ or ‘not suitable for nut allergy sufferers’! It has been so frustrating and upsetting over the years! Come on Cadburys and the other big companies please make sure your chocolate is nut free! Shirley


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