Easter Tips

Easter is a time of fun and celebration, but also comes with many hidden allergens that many people are unaware of, especially for children who don’t realise just how many problems that can be caused by sweets, Easter eggs and activities.

I know it can be hard to resist the temptation of Easter chocolate and sweets, but many of them may contain traces of nuts, wheat, milk and eggs. The thing to remember is: If you can’t read the ingredients, don’t eat it, a rule that should apply to any situation. Just because you’ve eaten something before, doesn’t mean it still has the same recipe, as companies are constantly updating ingredients.

Although many items of food come with a list of ingredients, home made food rarely does. It can be very difficult to decline food from a generous host, who has written down every ingredient for you, but even the best of chefs can accidentally contaminate something using the same utensils, or working in the same space as where a previous allergen has been.

Not only are eggs themselves an allergen, but also food colourings used to decorate, as they can cause skin reactions in people with sensitive skin, and perhaps a more serious reaction, as any skin exposure can quickly turn into oral exposure.

Hay-fever can also be a large problem to people, causing sneezing, watering eyes, blocked noses, coughing, and may even trigger asthma. A simple way to avoid this is, if inside, you can keep all windows closed to stop pollen from polluting an Easter party.

With Easter comes the birth of many animals, and one of the typical Easter animals, rabbits, can trigger reactions to a similar level of pollen. When visiting relatives with pets, or going to an Easter fair, be sure to go prepared, with allergy tablets, and precautions that a reaction could be triggered.



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